In Review: The Week of August 8th

August 13, 2016

It was a sloth-like week at ALU headquarters, with humid weather and early copies of fall books coming in, all we wanted to do was sit in a hammock and read. That's probably what we're all doing now as you read this, now that it's the weekend. If that's all that's on your agenda for the next two days, entertain yourselves with some CanLit bookish news and recommendations.

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On the Blog



Book Club

~ #teamALU sat down to chat about our August book club pick this week, A Gentle Habit. Listen in or read the highlights of our discussion and then download our questions to use with your own book club

~ We shared some of our favourite descriptions from A Gentle Habit over on Instagram this week... more to come!

Quirky Characters

~ A married couple in need of work and a billionaire and the poor man who wants him dead are the main characters in this week's Read This Then That pairing

~ We met the very memorable lead character of Susan Perly's Death Valley in our Character Study, with the awesome name of Vivienne Pink

~ The Berringer family is thisclose to imploding, so instead they decide to move halfway across the world to a war zone, read all about it in this week's First Fiction Friday pick, White Elephant


Around the Web



~ Ever wonder what your favourite literary character would do if they were in your shoes? Buzzfeed has collected 51 of the Best Pieces of Advice From Literature

~ If you're better at book nerding than adulting sometimes, Bookriot has collected some great bookish life hacks to help you out when you're in a spot of trouble

~ "I would like to thank the academy..." Do you read the acknowledgement sections of books? Bustle suggests 7 reads why you should, including reminding you of all the people you would thank if it were your book


What Else We're Reading


ALU Business Manager Barb just got back from her cottage where she read The Dinner: a heavy books at times, but an overall satisfying read. If you've read it and loved it may we suggest Late Company? Jump on the drama reading bandwagon started by the new Harry Potter book and read this play by award-winning playwright Jordan Tannahill about an intense dinner where two families come together to confront a shared tragic past.


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Happy weekend!





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