This Week in Book Events: September 28-October 4th

September 28, 2015

Holy lit events! You can't swing a cat without missing a great one this week.

Are you hosting an event featuring an author whose titles are available on All Lit Up? Send the event details, including author, book, date, time, and address to to be included in our listings.

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Holy lit events! You can't swing a cat without missing a great one this week.

Are you hosting an event featuring an author whose titles are available on All Lit Up? Send the event details, including author, book, date, time, and address to to be included in our listings.

Tuesday, September 29th


Christian Bok Reading

Where: Shelf Life Books, 4 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB

More information: Christian Bok reads from his new work The Xenotext: Book 1, at Shelf Life Books in Calgary.




Jon Lorinc speaks on The Ward at Riverdale Historical Society

Where: St. Matthew’s Clubhouse, Riverdale Park East at Langley and Broadview, Toronto, ON

When: 6:30pm

More information: John Lorinc and Michael McClelland speak on The Ward at the Riverdale Historical Society. Admission $5 at the door (members get in free).




Icehouse and Friends Fall Poetry Launch

Where: The Steady Cafe and Bar, 1051 Bloor St W., Toronto, ON

When: 7pm

More information: Folks! icehouse poetry is excited to invite you to its fall season poetry launch of Ali Blythe's Twoism, and Daniel Scott Tysdal's Fauxccassional Poems. Come on out and have a gander and a listen. This season is a special one as we’re presenting our readers in 3D IMAX! I’ve tested the technology; it’s almost as if the poets were standing right in front of you! And you don’t even need to rent peculiar looking goggles to appreciate the effect. 
In keeping with the icehouse tradition, we are pleased to announce two icehouse friends, Helen Guri and Oubah Osman, have agreed to come and read work of their own as we celebrate Ali’s and Daniel’s new books. It would be a pleasure to have you join us as all four of our readers will step off the page into your lives.

Books will be available for sale through the generous presence of Ben McNally Books.




Andy Warhol Revisited presents "Make Your Own Andy Warhol Poems"

Where: Revolver Gallery, 77 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON

When: 8pm

More information: Andy Warhol Revisited presents "Make Your Own Andy Warhol Poems", a workshop with Liz Worth, author of No Work Finished Here: Rewriting Andy Warhol, as part of the Rotating Lecture Series. To purchase tickets visit


Wednesday, September 30th


The Ward at Innis College

Where: Innis College, Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON

More information: Jon Lorinc and Ellen Scheinberg speak on The Ward at Innis College. UofT Bookstore will be selling.


Thursday, October 1st



The Xenotext Launch Party

Where: Studio Bar, 824 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON

When: 7pm

More information: Join Christian Bök as he launches The Xenotext: Book 1.
Enciphered in a bacterium, The Xenotext is the world’s first living poem. Internationally bestselling poet Christian Bök (Eunoia), has spent more than ten years writing what promises to be the first example of ‘living poetry.’ After successfully demonstrating his concept in a colony of E. coli, Bök is on the verge of enciphering a beautiful, anomalous poem into the genome of an unkillable bacterium (Deinococcus radiodurans), which can, in turn, ‘read’ his text, responding to it by manufacturing a viable, benign protein, whose sequence of amino acids enciphers yet another poem. The engineered organism might conceivably serve as a post-apocalyptic archive, capable of outlasting our civilization.
Book 1 of The Xenotext constitutes a kind of ‘demonic grimoire,’ providing a scientific framework for the project with a series of poems, texts and illustrations.




Book Launch! National Treasure: Nicolas Cage

Where: Monarch Tavern, 12 Clinton Street, Toronto, ON

When: 7pm

More information: Please join us in celebrating the launch of a new title in our Pop Classics series: National Treasure: Nicolas Cage by Lindsay Gibb!
We'll celebrate the glory that is Nicolas Cage with:
- an interview with author Lindsay Gibb by film writer and poet Jacqueline Valencia, live on stage
- a collection of choice Cage clips
- Nicolas Cage themed games (such as Pin the Tail on the Fucking Iguana) and prizes (like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance shirts, a Nicolas Cage Adventure Set and more!) hosted by Geek Love duo Emma Woolley and Evan Munday
- crowd sourced ideas for Lindsay's Nicolas Cage themed tattoo




Bruce McDougall at Indigo Bay & Bloor

Where: Indigo Bay & Bloor, 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON

When: 12pm

More information: Join author Bruce McDougall at Indigo Bay & Bloor as he chats with fans and signs copies of The Last Hockey Game. Recently named to the shortlist for the Toronto Book Awards, The Last Hockey Game explores a key turning point in the history of Hockey: the 1967 Stanley Cup finals face-off between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.


Friday, October 2nd


Andy McGuire launches Country Club at the Likely General

Where: Likely General, Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON

More information: Andy McGuire launches his new poetry collection,  Country Club at the Likely General.


Saturday, October 3rd


Scirocco Drama Launch

Where: Rachel Browne Theatre, 211 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

When: 7:30pm

More information: Scirocco Drama Presents: A Book Launch

...And an evening of readings.

• Nicimos - The Final Rez Christmas Story by Curtis Peeteetuce
•  St. Anne's Reel by Gil Garratt
• Stag and Doe / Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford
• Refuge by Mary Vingoe

With host Ardith Boxall.



Sunday, October 4th

Hamilton, ON


Lit Live Reading Series

Where: Homegrown Hamilton, 27 King William St.

When: 7:30pm

More information: Featuring readings from Grant Buday ( The Delusionist), Sonja Greckol ( Skein of Days), Mary Lou Dickinson ( Would I Lie to You?), Kate Cayley ( How You Were Born), and Emily McGiffin ( Subduction Zone).



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