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Unwrap Indie: Books for the Holidays

It's the inaugural day of Unwrap Indie, a checklist of giftable books from one-of-a-kind indie presses. Match the distinctive personalities of the people on your gift list with our recommended book picks from now until November 26th.

Bonus: take 15% off our #unwrapindie book ...


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Ignite Cover

CoCoPoPro: Ignite and the Awakening of Desire

Masham Means Evening Cover

CoCoPoPro: Masham Means Evening: Poems about Canada's war in Afghanistan

Questions in Bed Cover

CoCoPoPro: Questions in Bed with Stewart Cole

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CoCoPoPro: Do You Do Haiku? Stan Rogal's homage to Richard Brautigan

Great Canadian Poems for the Aged Cover

CoCoPoPro: Michael Boughn Takes on the Great White North

Beautiful Razor Cover

CoCoPoPro: "I Talked With the Moon" by Al Hunter

Here is Where Disembark Cover

CoCoPoPro: Here Is Where We Disembark by Clea Roberts

Lyrics and Poems Cover

CoCoPoPro: The lyrical poetics of John K. Samson

Indigena Awry Cover

CoCoPoPro: Indigena Awry and the Experimental Poetics of Annharte

The Lease Cover

CoCoPoPro: Mathew Henderson's Oil Field Poems