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The cover of barangay: an offshore poem by Adrian De Leon.

Poetry Muse: Adrian De Leon + barangay: an offshore poem

A hand holds up Carlie Blume's poetry collection Gigglepuss against a terrazzo background.

Poetry Muse: Carlie Blume + Gigglepuss

The cover of Gillian Sze's Quiet Night Think.

Poetry Muse: Gillian Sze + Quiet Night Think

Cover image for Keith Garebian's poetry collection In the Bowl of My Eye.

Poetry Muse: Keith Garebian + In the Bowl of My Eye

The cover of Lullabies in the Real World by Meredith Quartermain.

Poetry Muse: Meredith Quartermain + Lullabies in the Real World

The cover of Searching for Signal, by Lori Cayer.

Poetry Muse: Lori Cayer + Searching for Signal

The cover for Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch's collection The Good Arabs. It features an illustration of two people in similar blue-print shirts, neutral-coloured pants, and white outdoor slide sandals, in apparent conversation with each other.

Poetry Muse: Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch + The Good Arabs

The cover of Andrew Faulkner's Heady Bloom, published by Coach House Books. A creepy, doll-like little girl sits amid a huge cloud of lilacs. A metal crank, eyes, and another little girl's head also peek out from the blooms. The colours are soft; a contrast to the unnerving image.

Poetry Muse: Andrew Faulkner + Heady Bloom

Book Cover of 29 leads to Love

Poetry Muse: Salimah Valiani + 29 leads to Love

Book Cover of Occasionally Petty

Poetry Muse: Michelle Lietz + Occasionally Petty