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Poetry Primer Series

A Poetry Primer for National Poetry Month

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry Cover

CoCoPoPro: A Taste of Newfoundland with Mary Dalton

Emily Cover

CoCoPoPro: Emily "Could work as hard as any b'y"

Burning House Cover

CoCoPoPro: Richard Lemm on War, History, and Heroes

The Hundefraulein Papers Cover

CoCoPoPro: Kathy Mac and the art of Dog-Nannying

In the Vision of Birds Cover

CoCoPoPro: Steve Luxton Dissolves the Barrier Between Man and Nature

For As Far As the Eye Can See Cover

CoCoPoPro: The "Light Sonnets" of Robert Melançon

Ignite Cover

CoCoPoPro: Ignite and the Awakening of Desire

Masham Means Evening Cover

CoCoPoPro: Masham Means Evening: Poems about Canada's war in Afghanistan

Questions in Bed Cover

CoCoPoPro: Questions in Bed with Stewart Cole