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From the blog

Character Study: This House Is Not a Home

A clarion call for land back, Dene author Katłįà's unapologetic novel  This House Is Not a Home (Roseway Publishing) follows a Dene family who've returned home only to find that their home is no longer there. Katłįà has likewise created an unapologetically awesom ...

Two Poems from This is a Stickup

Amber McMillan’s  This Is a Stickup (Wolsak & Wynn) weaves together images of nature and wildlife in a gripping exploration of grief, loneliness, perseverance, and wonder. Elegant and bold, these poems inhabit tumultuous waters and confront dark crawl spaces. With thi ...

If You Liked x, Read y: Historic Canadians Edition

If you liked getting an insight into Canadian life through stories of some of its famous and not-so-famous citizens in The Promise of Canada, you might like to follow it up with Geoff Mynett's  River of Mists: People on the Upper Skeena 1821-1930 (Caitlin Press).

Beautiful Books: Monument

MONUMENT by Manahil Bandukwala upturns notions of love, monumentalisation, and empire by exploring buried facets of Mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal’s story, moving her legacy beyond the Taj Mahal. In this edition of Beautiful Books, the production team at Brick Books provi ...

Under the Cover: Immigration Journeys from the Courtroom to the Page

Writer Nancy Lam shares with us how advocating for her parents turned into advocating for immigrants in general in her capacity as an immigration lawyer, and then that going full circle; incorporating her mother's stories and struggles as a new immigrant to Canada into her n ...

Where in Canada: Night in the World

In this week's edition of Where in Canada, we are joined by Sharon English, author of  Night in the World (Freehand Books). Sharon takes us to the urban wilds that make up the Toronto Islands, where she wrote much of the novel on retreat.

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