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From the blog

Cozy Fest: Willie Poll

Métis educator and author Willie Poll joins Cozy Fest to read from her picture book  Together We Drum, Our Hearts Beat as One (Arsenal Pulp Press); a triumphant story of a young Anishinaabe girl finding strength in her ancestors and her own determination to make a bette ...

Cozy Fest: Sharon English

Today’s All Up Up’s Cozy Fest guest Sharon English, reads an excerpt from her new novel Night in the World (Freehand Books). How does someone be at home, when at home they are unsure? Three characters in her book tell the story of this in different ways. 

Cozy Fest: Kate Hargreaves

Poet, book designer, and roller derby aficionado Kate Hargreaves reads an ode to her cat and other cozy poems from her latest collection,  tend (Book*hug Press) for the first day of All Lit Up's Cozy Fest.

Cozy Fest: Print and Pyjamas

We're so excited to kick off All Lit Up's virtual festival, Cozy Fest: eleven days with as many authors, reading the coziest passages from their books. Read on to learn more about what's in store for Cozy Fest, including how to catch the readings and where to visit our festi ...

Gift Guide Week: Bridget Canning

The Newfoundland-based, award-winning author Bridget Canning (most recently of the story collection No One Knows About Us, Breakwater Books) closes out our Gift Guide week with recommendations to suit a wide variety of book-lovers - a novel, story collection, kids' book, ...

Gift Guide Week: Francine Cunningham

For today’s ALU Gift Guide picks, Francine Cunningham, author of God Isn't Here Today (Invisible Publishing) and On/Me (Caitlin Press) gives us her holiday recommendations — from something for the sci-fi nerd in your life, to your gossipy co-worker.

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