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From the blog

Collected Collections: The Anthologized

So far this Short Story Month we've featured single-author short story collections; a great way to see a writer grapple with different themes and forms in their craft. As May winds to a close, we're all about anthologies: multi-author collections that serve up a little bit o ...

Under the Cover: A slice of life in The Glint of Light

Storied and award-winning, poet, writer, and professor Clarence Major and his publisher, Matt Joudrey of At Bay Press, share some thoughts about Major's latest work, The Glint of Light, and its place in the African-American literary canon.

Poetry in Motion: knee deep in high water

Bronwyn Preece reads from her latest collection knee deep in high water (Caitlin Press). The collection is divided into two-week horse expeditions in the far Northern remote Rocky Mountains. Hear the poem in full by watching the video below.

Asian Heritage Month: Nonfiction Spotlight

This week for Asian Heritage Month we are sharing six nonfiction titles that provide a deep historical landscape across multiple cultures. Including stories of immigration and resilience, as well as some photographs of historical events.

Collected Collections: (Even More) Debuts

There are so many great debut short story collections we couldn’t help but to share more for our Collected Collections series. With imaginative range these authors introduce us to spins on reality that consider loneliness, loss, and resilience.  

Queer Coded: Interview with Kimia Eslah

Today marks the date of our first Queer Coded interview! We’re thrilled we got the chance to talk with Kimia Eslah, author of Sister Seen, Sister Heard (Roseway Publishing), about how queerness is reflective in her writing process and how representing forms of systemic ...

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