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From the blog

Short and Sweet: Alex Pugsley + Shimmer

" the age of TikTok, [short stories are] probably a good thing" says Alex Pugsley, author of the collection Shimmer (Biblioasis). We learn about his book and meet Twyla in an excerpt, the mouthy title character from a short story in the collection.

Short and Sweet: Terry Doyle + Dig

Author of the upcoming novel The Wards, we chat with writer Terry Doyle about his short story collection  Dig (Breakwater Books) - featuring St. John's, NL-ers struggling amidst the everyday, and read an ominous excerpt from his story, "Squat."

Under the Cover: Letters to Singapore

Kelly Kaur's novel Letters to Singapore (Stonehouse Publishing), brings to life Simran, who after a close escape from an arrange marriage, attends university in Calgary. The letters she writes to her mother, sister and friends reveal life is fraught with conflict, hilari ...

Poetry in Motion: Tolu Oloruntoba + The Junta of Happenstance

Author Tolu Oloruntoba's debut collection The Junta of Happenstance (Palimpsest Press), is a compendium of dis-ease. This Poetry in Motion feature introduces Tolu's Griffin-prize nominated collection, and he shares how his poetic style is influenced by encounters earli ...

Short and Sweet: Katie Bickell + Always Brave, Sometimes Kind

Called "a loving portrait of the people you think you know, but don't really" by Omar Mouallem, Katie Bickell's  Always Brave, Sometimes Kind (Brindle & Glass) is a collection of linked short stories following a network of people throughout Alberta. We chat with Katie on ...

Short and Sweet: Helen Chau Bradley + Personal Attention Roleplay

Helen Chau Bradley's collection  Personal Attention Roleplay (Metonymy Press) was recently named a finalist for the 2021 Danuta Gleed Literary Award for short stories. Read on to see why Helen says "writing a short story often feels like solving a puzzle" and catch an ...

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