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Writer's Block: Paul Headrick

Paul Headrick whose soon to be published novel - Losing Shepherd (Signature Editions) releases in February, sits down with us Q&A-style to talk about which writers have influenced his writing, his current book recommendations, and how communication is the key in setting ...

Off/Kilter's Most Anticipated Reads: Spring 2022

Forget the snow and cold with these fire forthcoming reads for spring, full of the surreal and strange.The selections below make up some of my most anticipated and recommended Off/Kilter reads hitting shelves this season.

Stay weird and stay well,

—Your Off/Kilter Host, Leyl ...

Poetry in Motion: Talya Rubin + Iceland is Melting and So Are You

Talya Rubin's  Iceland Is Melting and So Are You (Book*hug Press) explores the urgency of the climate emergency, surveying the natural world and the human interior in search of where they meet: a crossroads of geological time and human time, emergency and forgetfulness, ...

Under the Cover: Tell: Poems for a girlhood

Soraya Peerbaye's poetry book  Tell: Poems for a girlhood examines her own remembrance of an Asian adolescents twelve-year murder trial through the poetry of her girlhood, the unease of adolescence, and the circumstances that enable some to pass through unhurt. In this e ...

Where in Canada: Barangay

barangay is a new collection of poetry from Adrian De Leon that will pull readers into the tidal waves of the ocean that the barangays navigated long ago. A conversation with a taxi driver in his birthplace Manila, opens his eyes to the problem of Canada itself and th ...

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